Cure For Diabetes Very Close Now, Scientists Successfully Purge Mice Of The Disease

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Cure For Diabetes Very Close Now, Scientists Successfully Purge Mice Of The Disease

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With diabetes being a complex health condition, finding a cure for it naturally comes with quite a few challenges. However, scientists have recently made a huge breakthrough regarding the search for a cure by purging mice of the debilitating illness. This puts them one step closer to finally ending the suffering of thousands around the world who are living with diabetes every day.

Now, it’s worth noting that the study is still in its very early stages and there is still a lot of work to be done. However, it is encouraging to know that UT Health San Antonio researchers finally found a way to improve insulin secretion, which could potentially end insulin-dependency by diabetics, Futurism reports.

The researchers have tested their new method on lab mice that were afflicted with the disease and the rodents were cured. For one year, the subjects exhibited no symptoms to indicate that the cure did not work. Dr. Bruno Doiron, one of the researchers behind the project said as much.

“It worked perfectly,” Dr. Doiron said. “We cured mice for one year without any side effects. That’s never been seen. But it’s a mouse model, so caution is needed. We want to bring this to large animals that are closer to humans in physiology of the endocrine system.”

As a result, the researchers are now thinking about moving the cure to human trials over the next three years. That might seem like a lifetime, but it’s much closer than anyone has ever been to rid the world of diabetes.

It would seem that the obstacles won’t be much of an issue either since it would appear that the Food and Drug Administration has granted approval to similar cases in the past, reports. If so, the world should be on track to becoming free of diabetes in the next decade or so.


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