NovoPen Echo insulin cartridges recalled in Australia

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NovoPen Echo insulin cartridges recalled in Australia

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Six batches of NovoPen Echo insulin cartridge holders have been recalled.

Authorities believe there is a risk that they may crack or break if exposed to chemicals in certain cleaning agents.

People who use a cracked or broken cartridge holder could be delievered a smaller dose of insulin than expected leading to high blood sugar levels, potentially putting the person at risk of hyperglycemia.

Novo Nordisk has advised that if people clean the pens as described in the User Guide, there is no reason that cracking of the cartridge holder will occur.

The batches involved are:


The recall only relates to some batches of the cartridge holders and there are no reported problems with the insulin being administered.

People with diabetes who use a NovoPen Echo should immediately check the batch number and if it is from one of the affected batches they should not use it but apply to Nova Nordisk for a replacement.


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